Everything you need to know about MOT Tests

The MOT test is a thorough inspection that assesses your vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness, and environmental compatibility. The test’s primary objective is to guarantee that vehicles on our roads fulfil specific legal prerequisites and pose no threats to the driver, passengers, pedestrians, or the environment.

What is the average cost of an MOT?

In the UK, the average cost of an MOT test ranges from £35 to £55 for an ordinary car or van. However, if your vehicle requires any repairs, the cost will naturally increase. To avoid unexpected costs, it’s always wise to compare prices from various garages and book your MOT test well in advance.

What happens during an MOT Test?

Here’s a typical sequence of an MOT test:
Preliminary inspection checks
External examination
Internal inspection
Under-the-bonnet checks
Underneath the vehicle inspection
Brake test
Emissions test

For instance, one of the checks performed is the Lights and Signals test. During this check, the operation of all lights, including headlights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights, and hazard lights, are scrutinized to confirm they’re functioning correctly.

What Happens if Your Vehicle Fails the MOT Test?

If your vehicle meets all the required criteria, it will successfully pass the MOT test. If not, you’ll be informed about the discovered issues and the vehicle will fail the test. In such cases, it’s your responsibility to address these issues and arrange necessary repairs or replacements. Once the required repairs are complete, the vehicle can be retested to secure a valid MOT certificate.

MOT tests are conducted regularly (annually for vehicles over three years old) to ensure vehicles stay safe and roadworthy throughout their use.