Range Rover Evoque – the Motorly Car Buyers Guide

Looking for sleek style and top performance from a compact SUV at an affordable price point? The Range Rover Evoque could be the right car for you…

The UK has seen the compact SUV market explode over the last few years. Customers can’t get enough of high-riding, family-focused compact SUVs that offer both style and performance.

Launched in 2021, the MK1 Range Rover Evoque has built up a big following, especially after the 2014 facelift. It offers buyers the desirable brand image at a more affordable price point, without sacrificing the sleek looks that make Range Rover so popular. The car has gone on to sell close to half a million units worldwide since its launch.

Despite being on the market for nearly a decade, the Evoque has aged well. Used values remain strong, meaning that bargains can be hard to come by. However, you can expect the car to hold its value better than others.

Which model should I go for?

There’s a lot of different models available on the market today, which can make choosing the right one harder than you’d expect. If you can, we’d advise that you go for the five-door diesel. The three-door Evoque can be tight for space in the back, and the petrol model can only muster up a mere 32 miles per gallon.

What issues should I be aware of when buying a Range Rover Evoque?

If you’re looking to buy a Range Rover Evoque, it’s worth looking for these common issues so that you can make sure to avoid them.

Wheels and Tyres: Replacement tyres are not cheap for the car. It’s worth checking the tread depth to make sure the tyres are up to the job.

Electrical Issues: The biggest issue with the Evoque is the electrical issues. Remember to check every switch and button before purchasing.

Check below the sills for damage: The Evoque is not a true off-road vehicle, unlike some bigger models available. Not all drivers get the memo, though. Look for signs of damage on the skills, floorpan, wheel arches and exhaust.

What alternatives are available on the market?

The popularity of the compact SUV market means you have plenty of alternatives. We’d recommend that you check the Audi Q3, and Nissan Qashqui.

Looking to get finance on a Range Rover Evoque? Check out our Motorly Car Finance Page for more details.