checklist for selling your car

Selling your car

The first step when selling your car would be to advertise your car, of which you will have many options. The choice is often determined by how urgent you need to sell your car. We can help to settle any finance.

Some of the most popular ways to sell your car include:

✅ Car selling sites, such as AutoTrader etc

✅ Auction sites, such as eBay etc

✅ Cards in local shop windows

✅ A for sale sign in the window of the car

✅ Car buying sites such as We Buy Any Car

No matter which option you decide, by law your advert must accurately describe and include the following information:

✅ Colour

✅ Mileage

✅ Condition

✅ Your contact details

✅ Detail of equipment

✅ Full / part service history (or none)

✅ Exact make and model

✅ Year of manufacture  (including the registration identify e.g ’09’ plate)


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Selling your car online

There are advantages and disadvantages to selling your car online. These are:

You will have access to a much wider audience.

Some websites will offer a secure payment method, so you won’t have to worry about any fraudulent activity.

You will be able to provide a lot more detail about the vehicle along with a variety of pictures.

If selling via a website like eBay, you will need to consider that you might not get as good a price as you hoped.

People will, of course, want to see the vehicle before they go ahead and purchase it. Meaning you will need to be prepared to show people around the car.

Taking payment

Obviously you can accept cash, do make sure you count the money. It’s sometimes advisable to meet at your bank, so you can deposit the funds straight into your account.

CHAPS, is an immediate bank transfer, but do keep possession of your car until your bank has confirmed the transfer has been successful.

Cheque, with this payment method we would recommend you have proof of the buyers’ name and address, so you can follow up if payment is not received. You may not want to hand over the keys until the cheque has cleared. Do bear in mind most banks will show the cheque in your account the next working day, but this is not the same as the funds being cleared.


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Once you’ve been paid for the car, you need to complete the following paperwork.

Write a receipt and copy, one for the buyer and one for yourself, including date, price, registration number, make and model, and both yours and the buyers’ addresses.

Complete the V5C transfer and send to the DVLA. You need to complete the newly registered keeper detail, in section 6, and sign in section 8, handing over the new keeper part to the buyer. Provide the buyer with the owners’ handbook, keys, logbook, service history, MOT’s, and other maintenance receipts. Recommended; keep a note of the buyer’s name and address.

There are many different points you should take into account when selling your car. We can help you do this the smart, quick & easy way at motorly.

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