Whether you are new to the caravanning world or an experienced camper, we’ve brought together our Top 10 Essential Caravan Accessories. A caravan trip can be a nice way to spend your holiday, so make sure you take these essentials with you.


After towing your caravan, unpacking and setting up the awning there’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea. A kettle may seem like an obvious choice, but if you forgot to take one you would regret it! We recommend having a designated kettle that stays in the caravan all year long to avoid any brew-related mishaps ☕️


Hitch Lock

Even at a holiday park, it is good practice once you’ve arrived to use a hitch lock on your towable vehicle. Hitch locks are not only a visible deterrent for thieves, but a decent one also works as great protection for your caravan and peace of mind. Make sure you protect your caravan and belongings with a well-fitting hitch lock ?


UK British holidays are not known for the great weather, but a BBQ whatever the weather is! Even when it rains us Brits are known for setting up a BBQ and persevering no matter what. But you never know, if the sunshine does come out then a caravan holiday is the perfect opportunity to fire up the BBQ ?


Leisure Battery

Most campsites and caravan holiday parks should have full electric hookups, but it’s always a good idea to have a backup battery just in case anything goes awry. Purchasing a battery for your caravan can help to avoid any unnecessary holiday stresses – remember the kettle we mentioned earlier ?

Camping Stove

Outdoor cooking is one of the true joys of camping holidays. You can pick up a good quality camping stove at a pretty reasonable price. Most caravans do have small grills and ovens, possibly even space for a mini microwave too. But here at motorly, we like to take advantage of being in the outdoors and fire up the camping stove ?


Caravan Step

Caravans are much higher off the ground than people expect. It would be very difficult to get in or out of one without a step! Make sure you measure the gap from the ground to your caravan door. Once you have the right measurements you can find the correct step for you. Sturdiness is very important when selecting your caravan step ?

Fresh Water Carrier

Fresh running water is something we take for granted, especially before going on a caravan holiday. Caravan’s do not have water facilities unless you have a water carrier which you can then pump through your caravan. We recommend getting a 40-litre sized carrier to minimise refills – as these are very heavy once full! ?


Portable WiFi

If you like to go online frequently then ensuring a WiFi connection on holiday will be very important. An additional portable WiFi device is a great option for camping trips. Or you might want to have a break from the online world on your holiday, taking the opportunity to go off-grid for a week or two ?

Gas Cylinder

A gas cylinder is a caravan essential when it comes to cooking and heating. Once you know a little bit more about where you will be travelling and when, you can then decide which gas is best for your needs, propane or butane. You can then fill up at most petrol stations across the UK. We would also suggest fitting a carbon monoxide alarm in your caravan too ⛽️


Towing Mirrors

We recommend that when towing a vehicle, no matter the size, that you attach towing mirrors to your car. Towing mirrors give drivers additional visibility as some caravans may be wider than your car, so seeing past them can be an issue. You can find towing mirrors at a fair price. A decent set should last you for the majority of your towing life ?

Motorly Bonus Tip

Board games and cards are a caravan holiday tradition. Whether your game of choice is rummy or monopoly, these classics are sure to keep the family entertained when the UK rain inevitably hits. They also provide backup entertainment for any unexpected losses of power during your camping holiday. Who’s turn is it next? ?