Would a green number plate help you spot an electric car?

A new government-backed proposal is suggesting that ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEVs) are given a different coloured number plate to the standard yellow used across most vehicles. Introducing green license plates to these green vehicles would allow them to be easily recognised on the roads. Giving them access to specific eco-friendly bus lanes and free parking spaces in some areas.

Similarly, countries that have already gone ahead with a registration colouring system for electric vehicles are Canada, China and Norway. Furthermore, there are a few different ways we could choose to design these number plates here in the UK. The registration plate could be completely green or just have a green section, or possibly even a simple green dot or a specific green symbol.

This is currently under consultation with the British government, as they decide on:

These changes will highlight the green vehicles on the road, helping to normalise the introduction of electric, hybrid and low-emission cars. Easily recognisable green number plates would help the authorities to spot these vehicles when using priority lanes and parking.

What do you think about this potential change? Here at motorly, we think it’s a great way to spot the range of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads. Possibly even encouraging some people towards going electric – who may not have even considered it previously. This could lead to reduced emissions and increased air quality throughout the UK.

A thumbs up from us ?

You can respond to this consultation on the website. For more information on how to submit your thoughts online or via post click here.

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