Peugeot 208 took the crown this year to win the 2020 Car of the Year award at GIMS. Surprisingly not an all-electric vehicle, but available in diesel, petrol or electric versions. The French model was an instant hit with those who held the casting votes, albeit behind closed doors at the cancelled Geneva Motor Show. The model won with 281 points and 17 individual top votes. In second place came the Tesla Model 3, with the Porsche Taycan taking bronze in third.

Only day’s before, the Geneva International Motor Show 2020 was cancelled. Due to fears around fuelling the spread of coronavirus. Over 600,000 people from around the world attended the event back in 2019. GIMS is the car industry’s biggest annual event. The show’s organisers have insisted that the show will be back for 2021.

Matt Prior from Autocar made an intriguing observation regarding the cancellation of GIMS,

“The bad news for shows won’t be if car companies miss out this week. The bad news will come if they realise they haven’t missed out at all.”

Check out Matt’s full article here.

Despite the event’s cancellation, the Car of the Year award went ahead on Monday 2nd March as planned. The draw was available via streaming on YouTube. It’s important to note that this is not the first time Peugeot has taken this title. Previous COTY winners include the 3008, 308 and now the new 208. Congratulations to Peugeot!