My IVA has recently ended


My IVA has recently finished, would you be able to help me get finance for a new car?

Thank you for your question. I am pleased to hear you have completed your IVA successfully. I imagine your  IVA provider has already advised you that you were removed from the Insolvency Register once your final payment was confirmed.

It’s difficult to say when the IVA will be removed from your credit file, as factors such as the length of your IVA will impact the time frame. You may find obtaining credit for the first 12 months difficult as your credit score will reflect the fact you have been in an IVA.

If you aren’t desperate for a car, I would suggest rebuilding your credit history over the coming months and applying for car finance once you have improved your score. That said, if you require the finance asap, there are lenders on our panel who would be willing to provide finance.

Using our free finance calculator below, you can gain a rough idea of how an excellent > poor credit score impacts your monthly payments and the overall cost of taking out car finance.

Justin Cottrell

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