Partner Has Bad Credit & IVA

My partner’s credit history is classed as very low. He has lots of defaults but entered into an IVA around a year ago and has stuck to the re-payments each month since.

We have recently applied for car finance together and our application was declined, although we don’t know for certain we think this is due to my partner’s bad credit, as my score is classed as good with Experian.


Thank you for getting in touch. As you and your partner’s credit circumstances are very different, I have responded to each separately.

Firstly, I can say for certain your partner’s past credit and them being in an IVA will almost certainly impact their and your ability together to obtain finance. Before applying for finance, did your partner obtain permission from their IVA provider? Without this permission, any application for finance will be declined immediately. You can read more about applying for car finance in an IVA here

I would encourage you to apply for the finance on your own, as based on the information provided I would be confident we could get you approved. As a first step, I would recommend you use our free car finance calculator, which will help you work out a total budget and monthly repayments.

Justin Cottrell

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