FAQ – Student nurse needing car finance


I have just qualified as a nurse and secured my first full-time job. My existing car has become unreliable and the garage bills are ever increasing. adding a long commute each day I fear more problems are going to arise.

I have a small cash deposit but do worry if my credit rating will be good enough to get finance. I haven’t taken out a lot of credit in the past, which I thought was sensible, but having done some research this may not have been the best approach.


Many Thanks


Hi Lucy,

Thank you for your question and congratulations on qualifying as a nurse and your new job.

First of all, I am reasonably certain we can help you based on the small amount of information you have provided in your question.

In answer to your concerns about the lack of credit you have taken out in the past, you are correct this is one of the factors a lender will consider when determining to accept an application.

Many people similar to yourself assume they have no credit history as they haven’t had a loan or taken out a credit card, but forget monthly payment towards a mobile phone contract helps build your credit, so you may find your credit score is better than you think.

The best thing you can do is complete a free quote online, as you can find out if you are pre-approved along with the amount you can borrow.

Justin Cottrell

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