How to Stay Safe on the Roads This Autumn

Autumn brings many potential dangers and hazards for drivers. Roads can become slippery and visibility is frequently diminished. Darker evenings and low sun bring their own risks.

To keep you and your vehicle safe on the road, we recommend you get ready for the months ahead by following our top tips:

Tyre Pressure and Tread

It’s a good practice to check your tyre pressure after each long journey you take. Make sure tyres are at a safe level to tackle difficult wet roads.

If the tyre tread depth is below 2-3mm, we strongly recommend replacing the tyres to ensure safe driving. If tyre tread falls below 1.6mm, they become illegal on UK roads.

Bulbs and Lights

It’s a good habit to check your lights every few weeks throughout the year. This is especially true as autumn begins, and we head into the darker months. Your vehicle handbook shows how to change a bulb, but you may need a garage to change headlight ones. Don’t forget to check the brake lights and number plate lights.

Fluid Levels

Make sure that engine fluid levels are all correct and over the minimum recommended. This will help your car run smoothly. Keep extra window wash with you, in your boot, along with a car safety kit. Having extra wiper fluid will help them to work at their best.

Other Points to Remember

  • Remember that fog also makes the road wet and slippery.
  • Don’t leave it too late to turn on your lights – it’s best to see and be seen.
  • Always drive at an appropriate speed for the weather conditions you are facing.
  • Use the demister and windscreen wipers and always clear your windows of frost or ice before starting your journey.
  • Always make sure children are belted in and that child seats are fitted correctly.
  • Your vehicle will take much longer to stop on a wet surface, particularly one covered with wet leaves – adjust your speed and leave a longer following distance so that you are always able to stop in the distance seen to be clear.