Autumn months see the most rainfall in the UK than any other time of year. It is important to make sure your vehicle is prepared, due to the drastic change in weather and road conditions. To keep you and your vehicle safe, we recommend you check the following elements of your vehicle:

Tyre pressure & tread

Check your tyre pressure after each long journey. Make sure tyres are at a safe level to tackle troublesome wet roads. Roads at this time of year are wet and covered in dangerous, slippery leaves. If tyre tread depth is below 2-3mm, we recommended replacing the tyres to ensure safe driving. If tyre tread falls below 1.6mm, this is illegal. Adding winter tyres to your car for extra protection is an option. Winter tyres boast added safety features, due to having four times more traction than regular tyres.

Bulbs & lights

Check bulbs and lights are working throughout your car. At this time of year, dark nights are starting to draw in faster. You don’t want to be heading home on a dimly lit night and the fog lights go out, or worse they break completely. Mornings will start to become darker, this is even more reason to be sure you inspect all your lights. Also give the lights a good clean to make sure they are as clear as possible when you have them on, both for your sake and for that of other road users.


Window wipers

Check your wipers blades work and are in good condition. We don’t pay enough attention to window wipers as drivers – until they break! The recommended time to replace them is once a year. So if you can’t remember the last time you changed them – it’s time to pick up a new set. You can purchase window wipers at a relatively low price. They are a motoring item that if they broke during a pour down of rain, then you could be in real trouble. This is an element of driving that we take for granted. If your wipers broke on a rainy day, then this is really dangerous and could easily cause an accident due to poor visibility.

Fluid levels

Make sure that engine fluid levels are all correct and over the minimum suggested. This will help your car run smoothly. Keep extra window wash with you, in your boot along with a car safety kit. Having extra wiper fluid will help them to work at their best. If they do start to struggle, pull over safely and use the spare fluid, allowing your view to become clearer and safer. Whilst checking fluid levels you can even go the extra mile and top up with winter-specific fluids. Then you will be well and truly ahead of the curve!

These are just a few Autumn driving tips from the team at motorly. To give your car a full and thorough check, book in with your local garage, who will be able to organise an Autumn health check for your vehicle.