Common Car Insurance Misconceptions

Car insurance can be confusing, especially because there are a huge variety of policy types and add-ons available nowadays. It is important to understand what you are and are not covered for by your policy, and especially not to...

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Top 10 Scariest on Screen Cars

To celebrate Halloween, we’ve rounded up 10 of the spookiest vehicles. Ranging from imaginary cartoons to historical machines of horror, check out the Top 10 scariest on-screen cars. Do you have a favourite Halloween car? Comment and let us know! 1959...

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Car Insurance Extras – Which Ones Do You Actually Need?

When comparing insurance quotes, you’ll often be given the option to add on what is known as “ancillaries” that provide additional cover to the standard third-party/ comprehensive/ multi-car policy that you pick. These extras are both general and more...

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5 Best Used Cars Under £10,000

Looking for a car but don’t want to spend over £10,000? We’ve rounded up our five favourite makes and models for under five digits. BMW 3 Series BMW is a popular favourite among UK drivers, but purchasing one brand...

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A-Z of Car Insurance Terms You Need To Know

A Annual mileage An estimate of the number of miles you expect to drive during the year you are insured. This includes all and any trips you make such as commutes, holidays, and regular journeys e.g. to the supermarket....

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Top 10 Family Cars of 2019

Did you know that over one million cars have been sold in the UK so far in 2019? But when is the right time to buy a new family car? Whether you travelled in the UK as a family...

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Autumn Driving Tips

Autumn months see the most rainfall in the UK than any other time of year. It is important to make sure your vehicle is prepared, due to the drastic change in weather and road conditions. To keep you and...

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What Does Brexit Mean For Motorists?

The UK is due to leave the EU on the 31st of October 2019. This is a date that has long been on the horizon, and so far it has been unclear what exactly is going to happen when...

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The Facts About Speed Cameras

Did you know that the first ever speed camera in the UK was installed on the westbound A316 over Twickenham bridge in 1992? The speed limit on the camera was set to 60mph, even though the limit for that...

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