Paid off old agreement and require new car


Around  5 years ago I took out finance to purchase a car. Car Finance 247 arranged the finance for me and this was paid off one year ago. My car has now broken down and after taking it to a garage, the mechanic explained the cost would be significant and it would make sense to purchase a new car rather than repair it.

Would you be able to help me get finance for my new car?


Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear about your recent car difficulties, it’s never easy knowing whether to put more money into repairing a car or cut your losses and purchase a new car. From your initial question, it sounds as if the mechanic has advised you to look for a new car. With this in mind, I would ask you to complete a free no obligation quote, from there you can find out if you have been pre-approved and what budget you can work with.

Please let us know should you have questions


Justin Cottrell

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